[2] Pride꞉ A Litrpg Dungeon Core Adventure (dinosaur Dungeon, Book 2)
Review Fantasy


Carrying on from the first and diverging at the same time, Pride, the second book in the Dinosaur Dungeon series by Alex Raizman continues to deliver lots of chompy dungeon fun. Set shortly after the events in book one, the

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[1 3] Pangea Online꞉ The Complete Trilogy꞉ Collected Editions
Review Fantasy

Pangea Online

Pangea Online, the entire trilogy collected into a single volume for a credit, sounded good in theory. I’d also read a lot of people gushing about how good the story is. I respectfully must disagree. Okay, so the first book

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Mid Lich Crisis
Fantasy Review

Mid-Lich Crisis

Mid-Lich Crisis, written by Steve Thomas, is a tale of a Darruk, a lich (basically an undead mage) with a single, somewhat noble pursuit of saving the world through any means necessary. Unfortunately, he’s constantly thwarted at every opportunity by

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