[Codes Available] For generations, the Gods have been at war. Two rival pantheons, the Old Gods and the New Order, have been vying for the faith of the mortal realm.... read more
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Nevertold: The Son

[Codes Available] A rare male born to a hidden tribe begins a journey destined to branch into an intricate epic in the sprawling fantasy world of Nevold.  The beast-like Valkys,... read more
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Carrying on from the first and diverging at the same time, Pride, the second book in the Dinosaur Dungeon series by Alex Raizman continues to deliver lots of chompy dungeon... read more

Pangea Online

Pangea Online, the entire trilogy collected into a single volume for a credit, sounded good in theory. I'd also read a lot of people gushing about how good the story... read more

He Who Fights with Monsters 3

He Who Fights with Monsters 3, written by Travis Deverell, is a great addition to the HWFWM series, with boatloads of monster-fighting and loads of story arc payoff. But here's... read more

Mid-Lich Crisis

Mid-Lich Crisis, written by Steve Thomas, is a tale of a Darruk, a lich (basically an undead mage) with a single, somewhat noble pursuit of saving the world through any... read more

Second Hand Curses

For some reason, I never took the plunge to grab this fairy tale reimagining by Drew Hayes. I follow a podcast of his where he's the DM of a bunch... read more

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