Giveaway Winners

Giveaway Winners!

Wow! Our first-ever audiobook giveaway was a runaway success! We were blown away by the incredible response from all of you audiobook enthusiasts out there. The variety of audiobook titles and genres you requested was staggering – truly something for […]

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[3] Angel Trouble꞉ 24∕7 Demon Mart, Book 3
Review Fantasy

Angel Trouble

Much like the first books in the series, book 3 of the 24/7 Demon Mart, Angel Trouble by D.M. Guay, hardly pauses for a breath as Lloyd, DeeDee, and Kevin careen from one insane catastrophe to another. Massive props to

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Death Gets A Book
Review Humor

Death Gets a Book

Death Gets a Book, written by Frank J Edler, is probably the weirdest book I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a while. The story revolves around Vincent Death, the latest Grim Reaper to get recruited, after dying horribly

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The Weirdies
Review Children's Books

The Weirdies

I can best describe The Weirdies by Michael Buckley as “Matilda meets The Addams Family”. This was an absolute delight, reminiscent of the great Roald Dahl with horrid characters, horrible things going on that are seemingly normal, and an overall

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