[4] (re)possessed꞉ 24∕7 Demon Mart, Book 4


Read Time: 2 Minutes

Much like the earlier books in the series, (Re)Possessed (book 4 of the 24/7 Demon Mart series) kicks off and barely pauses for breath between one bonkers thing going awry and the next. Lloyd once again finds strange things are afoot when a mysterious red door appears in the Demon Mart and finds… only cool stuff. Not just him, but Kevin, DeeDee, and everyone else in the usual crew finds just what they desire.

I have to be honest; I did find I got a little lost during some parts of this. I’m not sure if I just wasn’t paying close enough attention, or the breakneck pace of things going from bad to worse just tripped me up, but something sure got me feeling like I was a few steps behind.

It probably didn’t help that I’d apparently forgotten some of what happened in the previous book, which comes up a few times in this one. Usually, I go back and re-listen to the earlier books in a series if I feel I’ve forgotten what happened, but I skipped this, thinking I remembered just fine.

Nevertheless, I found the story was still a riot of action and non-stop mayhem. Important life lessons (respect your mother!), Kevin the cockroach getting to upgrade his digs and ditch his freeloading roommates from hell, DeeDee on the cusp of going full Hulk… and a t-shirt that really needs a wash.

Todd Haberkorn, the narrator, kills it once again. He’s high-energy and well-suited to Lloyd and the graveyard shift crew of the Demon Mart.

Filled to bursting with the low-brow humour I’ve come to love and expect from the previous books, this was a fun addition to the series.

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