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24/7 Demon Mart: Publisher's Pack

Books 1-2

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24/7 Demon Mart: Publisher's Pack

Horror Comedy Leaning Heavily on the Comedy

Review by: The Audiobook Review24/7 Demon Mart, written by D.M. Guay is off-the-wall nuts. It's virtually non-stop crazy situations happening to poor protagonist Lloyd Wallace. He's a slacker, a loser, up to his eyeballs in debt with no aspirations beyond drinking slushies, playing Xbox and masturbating.

He is oblivious to much of what is going on around him, even once he finds out the truth of the 24/7 Dairy Mart and the strange goings-on. He's more interested in impressing the smoking hot DeeDee, who's always guarding the beer cave.

Thrust headfirst into this world of monsters trying to escape hell, weirdo demons actually allowed out of hell, a talking cockroach, and too many other numerous things to mention, Lloyd isn't sure if this is the best thing that has ever happened to him or the worst.

There are a lot of hilarious characters to like in this book. It starts off bonkers and just keeps piling it on, somehow without going overboard.

Narration by Todd Haberkorn suited Lloyd and the others down to the ground. His witless, hapless, scared sh!tless voice of Lloyd perfectly suits him. His narration style is high energy, making this really easy to listen to.

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This pack contains books 1 and 2 of the series, and I'm writing this as I'm about halfway through the second book. I'll definitely be picking up the others in the series!

24/7 Demon Mart: Publisher's Pack

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