Heroic Bunny Saga Books 1 2

Heroic Bunny Saga

Books 1-2

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Heroic Bunny Saga is books 1 and 2 of the series, written by Richard J. Hansen. I think if I had read more than a couple of reviews, I might have ultimately not bothered with this one, but those I did read made it sound interesting enough to try. It’s a not bad story, just it lacks any apparent direction or meaning. A pleasant story of a bunny in a dungeon learning to use magic, and eventually piloting a suit of armour.

Even that last bit sounds more interesting than it really was. I went in expecting some kind of mech-suited Bunny stomping about, but that isn’t what I got. The bunny, Tisk, the heroine of the story, is a little bit of a murder-hobo when it boils down to it. After leaving the dungeon, she leaves a path of dead bunnies in her wake and has the makings of a pyromaniac.

Narration by the talented Reba Buhr was, as expected, excellent. Yet another book narrated by Buhr where she’s the voice of a cute bunny. Nothing to fault on narration or production, but even that couldn’t get me more than mildly interested in the story.

There sounds like there are more adventures to come for Tisk, but I don’t think I’ll be along for the ride. Not at a full-priced credit at any pace.


Adventure, Dungeon Crawl
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