Danger 9b And His Goddess Of Fortune

Danger9b and his Goddess of Fortune

Read Time: 3 Minutes

Danger9b and his Goddess of Fortune, though an oddly titled tale, weaves a delightful narrative of young love in a foreign land, an enduring mystery passed down through generations, and a captivating treasure hunt across countries and time.

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War in and around an international school in Turkey, the story unfolds with a diverse cast of characters, including the children of diplomats, spies, and military commanders.

Narrated through the eyes of Rick Foster (aka Danger 9b), the son of an American CIA agent stationed in Turkey during the mid-sixties, the narrative takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of Jill MacGregor. Rick finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue, involving espionage, mysterious figures, and even breaking into the Russian embassy.

Most of the trouble they find themselves in is of their own doing. Rick is crushing hard on Jill and will do anything to get her attention and spend more time with her. Often this means pretending he’s a spy working with CIA and tasked with various missions. Jill and their gang of friends go along with the shenanigans and often just manage to scrape by without causing too much trouble.

Jill is an enigmatic character in her own right. Her family is incredibly wealthy thanks mostly to her grandfather’s efforts into archaeology and discovering lost secrets of Alexander the Great. It’s this wealth and secrets that make her a target of some unsavoury people who desperately want to get their hands on some secret knowledge left behind as clues for Jill by her grandfather.

The origins of the story, rooted in coded notes discovered in the author’s attic, add an intriguing layer of mystery to the narrative. While the balance between fact and fiction remains unclear, the tale is undeniably compelling, keeping me engaged until my earbuds’ batteries ran dry.

Starting with a narrative style reminiscent of ‘I bet you’re wondering how I got into this mess,’ the story evolves into a gripping account of childhood rivalry, a treasure hunt spanning the Middle East, and the escapades of teenagers in a foreign land during the sixties.

The story completely sucked me in, and I found myself rooting for Rick to win out against his rival for Jill’s affections. Young love isn’t all smooth sailing as pretty much everyone would know, so it makes for some tense moments.

The production of the audiobook is as an audio drama, so comes with sound effects and a musical score; mostly short pieces of some of the Beatles’ hits of the time. The narration includes the author as well as a host of others as the young Rick Foster, Jill, their classmates and the various locals they run into.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable listen. If you’re a fan of coming-of-age tales, treasure hunts, historical intrigue and young love, then this story won’t disappoint.


Full Cast Narration, Adventure, Coming of Age, Action, Male Narrator, Love Story, Cold War, Turkey, Young Love
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