Big Sneaky Peeky Of My Wishlist

Big Sneaky Peeky of My Wishlist

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I’ve been on a bit of a spree recently, filling my Audible wish list with more Audiobooks than I can reasonably ever expect to listen to. While I really should do something about that, I can’t often find it in me to remove something from the list “just in case” I find myself in the mood for it.

What I have added recently is a bit of a mixed bag, from sequels to books I have enjoyed already to others that I’m willing to take a chance on based on their blurb. So what have I added? The title of this post might be a clue to one book on my list. For the others, you’ll need to read on and find out!

Broome Street Nine

The most recent addition to my wish list (literally minutes before I started writing this post) is Broome Street Nine. From the summary, it sounds like it lands in the dystopian science fiction genre, which is one I enjoy but tend to be rather picky about when choosing a book.

Broome Street Nine

Twenty-one years ago, mysterious empty doorframes appeared on every street corner across the planet. No one can explain where the Frames came from or how they work. But anyone can walk through one and step out another anywhere in the world—except for Doran Scott.

Doran worked hard to overcome his uniqueness, struggling to find his place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and rebuilt around instantaneous transportation. He thought he had it figured out, until he made a discovery about the Frame technology that put him in the crosshairs of very secretive and very deadly people.

Available from Audible

Big Sneaky Barbarian 2

If you’ve read my review of the first book, you’ll know I enjoyed the heck out of it. It’s a low-stake romp following Loon, an Orc barbarian who, before arriving in the world, was a rather unlikable human with more issues than can be reasonably counted. He is still dim-witted and obnoxious, but as he blunders his way through the world his attitude and outlook work really well. The narrator, Johnathan McClain, suits the style exceptionally well.

Big Sneaky Barbarian 2

Not all that long ago, Gabe Skelter was an unimpressive, overweight, snarky teenager with more mouth than muscle and more attitude than attributes. Then, during a deadly trainwreck, he was transported to another reality. On the world of Regaia, Gabe is a different person entirely: a massively jacked-up warrior orc known as Loon. The dud has become a stud.

But even in his new buff bod and with his growing collection of skills, Gabe still finds himself in a near-constant fight for survival against a wide variety of horrific creatures. Luckily, he’s gathered a small but loyal band of fighters to cover his broad back. And he’s going to need them . . .

Because the powers that brought Gabe to Regaia have their own plans for him and his former classmates who “died” in the trainwreck—now known as sojourners. Plans that could have drastic consequences not only for Gabe’s loved ones but for all Regaia. Plans that will almost certainly get them all killed.

Packed with furious combat, nerd-tastic detail, and hilarious wit, Big Sneaky Barbarian 2 is a must-listen for fans of high-octane action and nonstop smart-ass fun.

Available from Audible

Superhero Saga Season 1

I’m always checking out the list of recently added humour titles, and a humorous superhero story sounded like it landed right in the middle of something I’d enjoy. I read the blurb and a little of the preview text available for the print version, and it had my interest. In a world where having a single superpower is normal, the protagonist Jess has a laundry list of them and what sounds like a snarky attitude.

Superhero Saga Season 1

Get kidnapped by government thugs. Check.

(Guess that’s off my bucket list.)

Name’s Jess, and I have superpowers. A lot of them. You’d think that would make life easier. Wrong. Dead wrong.

Having many superpowers landed me my first job out of college. (Translation: The government sent suited sweet-talkers with a carrot-and-stick approach to kidnap me and set me to reviewing superpowers.)

Job Pros: Reviewing powers pays well, and my family stays off the scary people’s list of things-to-kill-today.

Job Cons: It comes with a billion strings attached and a side serving of life-and-death situations.

If I don’t beat the government at their own game, I’ll die. Worse, I’ll probably take my family down with me. This whole situation is giving me some Grade A trust issues.

Available from Audible

The Tap Dancing Tarasque

Another sequel I’m looking forward to is the follow-up to One Bad Roll by Ryan Rimmel. Having enjoyed the first book and being a fan of his style of humour, this is a bit of a no-brainer. All of the low-brow humour I can come to expect along with a fun storyline of a group of friends who find themselves stuck in the game world based on the rules of the tabletop game they’ve played for years.

The Tap Dancing Tarasque

After successfully stopping the cult of the Necrolord from discovering the location of the Book of Vile Dankness, the party is en route to acquire the artifact and keep it out of the Necrolord’s hands!

This time, they must deal with ghouls, golems, and a very musically inspired tarasque. Meanwhile, another group of adventurers is on a quest to recover the book and will do everything necessary to get the book for themselves.

Discover how Samo, Wyatt, Bourbon, Falcon, and Melf contend with this latest challenge!

Available from Audible

These are just some of the most recent additions to my wishlist. There are some more no-brainers that will definitely get plucked from the list. Not all of them are recent releases; some go back years. To give you a bit of an idea of what else is on the list:

I have to be honest and say I know for a fact that the next book in the Dungeon Crawl Carl series won’t be on my list for longer than it takes me to drop the credit on it. Easily one of my favourite series of all time, I’ve been impatiently waiting for book 6 since I finished the last one just after it came out in May 2022.

What audiobooks are on your list? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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