Audiobooks Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

Audiobooks Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

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Okay, so “fun” might be a bit of a stretch. How about “less of a chore” instead? Either way, here in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s springtime. That means the start of warmer weather and longer days, and for me apparently, a time to reflect on just how full of useless junk my house is. After taking a few days off from my day job (yes, it is most unfortunate, but being an audiobook reviewer does not yet pay the bills), we here at the Hobbes household rolled up our sleeves and got to chucking, dusting, and scrubbing.

Dislike dusting and cleaning as much as I do? Find it so mind-numbingly boring you’d look for any excuse to do something else? Well, no need to tremble like a dust bunny about to be vacuumed away; audiobooks can help save your sanity.

What else could be better to relieve the monotony of cleaning duties than to do it while listening to an old favourite or a new one you’ve been meaning to start but haven’t yet had the time. For me, it’s about loading up an old favourite and getting to work, so I don’t feel guilty about not paying close attention that way as I would if it were something I’d not yet listened to.

This blog post will be short and sweet since I’ve still more cleaning to do. I wanted to spend a few moments typing this out while it was at the front of my mind because if it can save my sanity, then it may just help save yours too.

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