Audiobooks Killed the TV Stars

Audiobooks Killed the TV Stars

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If you’ll excuse me for misquoting The Buggles, but in this post, I’m looking back on changes that have happened in my life without me even noticing. I’m talking about TV habits, particularly how very little television I now intentionally watch per day. By “intentionally”, I mean sit down and choose to watch, not see it tangentially from someone else watching it. You see, since getting into audiobooks, my television watching has dropped very near to zero.

I live in a household that’s reasonably technology savvy. Ultrafast internet, computers, laptops, streaming services (yes, Netflix and the like), kids with iPads, iPhones, and myriad other gadgets, so it’s not like I’m a Luddite. As for watching TV shows, though, even my previously never-miss-an-episode shows (Doctor Who, I’m looking at you) don’t even appeal to me anymore.

No Judgement

This isn’t a judgement against anyone who watches TV or streams shows and movies. Heck, we’re subscribed to three streaming services that my family use and I certainly don’t think badly of them or anyone who wants to watch TV. This post is just a little peek into who I am.

Sure, on the odd occasion, I will sit down with the family and watch a movie, but binge-watching TV for me is something I’ve left in the past. Thanks to audiobooks and how much more enjoyment I get out of them.

I used to read quite a lot on my Kindle, but even then, I’d stop and watch TV shows. Now, it’s like they’ve completely lost their hold over me. I’d much rather immerse myself in an audiobook. Sometimes that’s all I’ll do, just sit and listen. Other times I’ll be doing some basic chores, driving to work, or anything else I can do without losing the thread of what I’m listening to.


I can listen for hours as I get away from my internal monologue of thoughts and just immerse myself in the story being told. After struggling with anxiety a few years back, getting out of my head and into calm places was something I needed to learn how to do again. Audiobooks were the way I found my way out of that spiral, and I’ve not looked back.

Get Started!

So if you’re tired of TV and struggle to pick up a book, why not give audiobooks a go? Don’t know where to start? There are no hard-and-fast rules, just download, relax, and press play. Need a suggestion? Find a book that you know and love, and give that a go… or check out any of the books I’ve listened to and reviewed right here!

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