[3] All These Worlds꞉ Bobiverse, Book 3

All These Worlds

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Given this is book three of the series, I won’t get too bogged down in the details, so this review will be short and sweet. First up, I need to acknowledge that, yes, there is a fourth book after this one, but frankly, I don’t care to read it. Now, I know that sounds ominous, but let me explain. The premise that kicked off the story and the additional side-quests added along the way are all neatly wrapped up, as I suspect this is where the author intended to get off as well.

Reading ahead with the blurb of the fourth, I think I’d rather just stick with how it ended rather than an extra book that looks like it was shoe-horned in a few years after the series concluded.

This is the shortest of the three, coming in at just shy of eight hours, whereas the first was closer to ten. While the various arcs of the series come to a conclusion, some of them feel a little rushed. The Brazillian arc with the (insane?) Medeiros felt undercooked, and the “Others” arc also wrapped up a little too quickly in my opinion.

It all made sense during the story, but on reflection, I do feel a tiny bit cheated out of what could have been. Maybe another 10,000 words or so could have added more depth to these.

Ray Porter did a great job narrating again. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that there is a lot of Bob (or Bob clones) talking to other Bob clones, yet this is always easy to follow. The production quality was a major improvement over the previous book.

So yes, I did enjoy this series and will likely give it another run in the future when I’m scratching for something easy to listen to, but this is where I get off for the series.


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