5 Great Benefits Of Listening To Audiobooks

5 Great Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

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There are many people who are hardcore lovers of audiobooks. Others are strict “book only” readers — many split between print and digital books, too. While the importance of reading has been discussed by countless experts, there’s not as much on audiobooks. What are the benefits of reading audiobooks as opposed to traditional books?

1. Helps you learn how to say words

We’ve all had that embarrassing moment where we realize we’ve been saying that one word wrong our entire lives. That’s because we’ve read it hundreds of times but have never heard it said. Audiobooks take all of the words and turn them into lessons on pronunciation and even cadence that help you absolutely love one sentence or another just for the way it sounds.

2. Improves your listening skills

An audiobook is designed to engage you from start to finish. When you listen to them regularly, you’ll understand how to build critical listening skills. In this case, listening helps you to problem solve, make assumptions, and analyzing the word for tone and more.

3. An increase in attention span

Audiobooks are fantastic for improving your attention span. Many of us zone out in the middle of a lecture or conversation (sorry, Mom!) because it’s just an overload of information. Since audiobooks are slow and designed to keep you listening on the edge of your seat, this will help you enjoy a better attention span overall because it won’t be as much of a shock to suddenly listen to someone talk non-stop for 40 minutes.

4. You get someone else’s version of the story

There’s never a single page of a story that is ever going to feel the same to two people. This is because reading is a highly personal experience that we all interpret differently. If you throw an audiobook on, it’ll be great for really immersing yourself with someone else’s version of the story, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy their old favorites in new ways.

5. It’s soothing and relaxing

Lastly, audiobooks are incredibly soothing. Just like listening to the radio when you’re cooking or your parents telling you a bedtime story when you’re sleepy, audiobooks lull us into a sense of relaxation and serenity that is pretty hard to find these days. For those who need a break from the noise and the stress of the world, audiobooks are a great, immersive thing.

While there is certainly a lot to be said for literacy and understanding how to read the words on the page in their original form, audiobooks also have many benefits for readers and listeners of all kinds and at all ages. Whether audiobooks are something that you enjoy every single day, or just once in a while, there are a lot of perks and long-term benefits to make them part of your routine. The best part is, you can enjoy print and audio versions and never have them compete with each other! Both are all about reading and enjoying a creative journey.

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