The No Guesswork Diet

The No Guesswork Diet

Discover Your Carb Number for Swift, Healthy, and Sustainable Weight Loss

Dr. Hunt presents his first medical book, The No Guesswork Diet, based on his unique program that has helped hundreds of his patients lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Hunt’s weight management center in Princeton, New Jersey, is the only one of its kind in the area. Now, in this book, he shares all the guidance and information that is available in his clinic.

With so many gimmicks out there about how to lose weight, many people are confused about what to do. This book takes the guesswork out of weight management, explaining the science simply and laying out the research that shows that this plan is the most effective approach for losing weight and not regaining it. How does the plan work? By taking into account the bodily processes that lead to obesity and explaining what it takes to reverse those processes. Dr. Hunt has devised a unique system that teaches the listener to find their individualized carb number (#WhatsYourCarbNumber) that will allow them to predictably lose one to two pounds per week. His easy-to-follow low-carb program leaves listeners feeling full and satisfied and includes an extensive follow-up plan for maintaining your weight. Through it all, Dr. Hunt takes the radical position that a person with obesity is not at fault and that losing weight and maintaining that loss is about more than just will power. In doing so, he takes away the blame and allows listeners to focus on the science to help them get to a healthier, sustainable weight.

In his three previous books Dr. Hunt worked to motivate listeners and help them to see a different life for themselves. This book is no different. It is written to inspire listeners to desire a healthier lifestyle and begin doing the work to get there.

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The No Guesswork Diet



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