The Art of Love (& Loathing): A Novel

The Art of Love (& Loathing): A Novel

All that Arthur Kimble wants is for life to return to the way it was, but as a pill-popping alcoholic reluctantly fighting addiction, the nostalgic ex-husband of an unwanted marriage, and the close friend to a quick-witted imaginary pigeon, the odds aren’t exactly in his favor.

With expectations in his writing career diminishing, Arthur invests his hope into the love of his two teenage children. But it is the fear of change that leads him on a path bound for isolation and perhaps prison, a path that not even his personal heroes may be able to save him from.

The Art of Love (& Loathing) is the narrative of a human in the modern world trying to find what truths are hidden beneath all the contradictions of life. This novel seeks to inspire fresh perspective, self-examination, and the exploration of answers that might otherwise seem too intimidating to face. Perhaps, it may even spark a little courage.

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