Vigor Mortis: Volume 3

Honestly, I both enjoyed the heck out of this while being completely irritated. Usually, Podium Audio can be trusted to put out polished works. Yes, the previous books in the... read more

Deepwater Dungeon

I pre-ordered Deepwater Dungeon, written by Ryan Rimmel and Boe Hagen, on the strength of Rimmel's other series, "Noobtown", and am regretting my haste a little. Maybe that's where I... read more

Vigor Mortis: Volume 2

Since it had been a little while since listening to the first book, I revisited that one before diving into Volume 2 to reacquaint myself with what was going on.... read more

Vigor Mortis: Volume 1

Vigor Mortis (volume 1), written by Natalie Maher (Thundamoo), is aptly described as "light-hearted existential terror" by the bit at the end of the book by the publisher, and I... read more

Second Hand Curses

For some reason, I never took the plunge to grab this fairy tale reimagining by Drew Hayes. I follow a podcast of his where he's the DM of a bunch... read more

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