Midheaven Origin Story

Book 0.5 of Midheaven




Who can you trust when the deck is eternally stacked against you? Empath Toula Thibodeaux has enough problems as the guardian of three extraordinary young girls. Focused on protecting her family, she doesn’t need the instant attraction to an appealing messenger sent to warn her of impending doom.

When human-angel hybrid Henri Gregory tracks down the target of a demonic plot, he never expects to find gifted children protected by a chip-on-her-shoulder, capable empath. An empath who quickly sneaks under his defenses to the man beneath. Toula senses Henri’s hidden motives despite assurances he’s on her side.

As their growing feelings lead the way, can their unshakable faith protect the girls< or is their new love destined to be torn apart by an immortal being with all the time in the world?

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