[2] Pride꞉ A Litrpg Dungeon Core Adventure (dinosaur Dungeon, Book 2)
Fantasy Review


Carrying on from the first and diverging at the same time, Pride, the second book in the Dinosaur Dungeon series by Alex Raizman continues to deliver lots of chompy dungeon fun. Set shortly after the events in book one, the […]

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[1] Wrath꞉ A Litrpg Dungeon Core Adventure (dinosaur Dungeon, Book 1)
Review Fantasy


The best way for me to describe Wrath is “wholesome and horrible at the same time” – and by “horrible”, I don’t mean the story. I mean the horrible time the poor dungeon delvers have when they brave the depths

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[1] Bunker Core꞉ Core Control, Book 1
Review Fantasy

Bunker Core

Bunker Core, written by Andrew Seiple, is a bit of a different take on your typical dungeon core style books that tend to be in the more D&D style setting. This merges the dungeon core setting with advanced tech in

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