Statistics Added to Promo Code Pages

Statistics Added to Promo Code Pages

By: The Audiobook Review | 28th of January, 2023

One of the things we do here at The Audiobook Review is giveaway promo codes for audiobooks. I'll admit it; this has been lacking some functionality that would help our generous authors, narrators, and publishers get an idea of how interested people are in their books. To fix that, I've started work on adding some statistics to the code administration pages. If you've added a book in the past, the link to the statistics will be visible on the page where you add your codes.


Example Statistics

Example of Statistics Page

Please Note

Viewing and interaction statistics are currently in BETA, meaning what is on the statistics page may change between visits while I work out what information I can serve up.

If there is something you would like to see, email me with your suggestion, and I'll see what I can do! Some statistics have only been tracking since late January 2023, so some information may be incomplete.

One Last Thing

I found out that codes added to this site were not expiring after six months as they were supposed to. This has now been corrected, so if you added codes more than six months ago, these have now been removed. You are welcome to re-add codes if you still have some to give away.

Oh, and...

Yes, I am aware the graphs shown in the image at the top of the blog are WAY cooler than anything I have made. Maybe one day, but for now - bar charts! :)

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