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Review by: The Audiobook ReviewEver since I can remember, I've been a fan of the BBC comedy, Red Dwarf. I remember the early seasons playing on the television... the earliest memory I have is "Thanks for the Memory" episode... for some reason the scene where they drop the tombstone stuck in my head.

So after collecting all of the episode on VHS and owning the paperbacks, one day while I was perusing the shelves of a local music shop I stumbled upon the "Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers" audiobook read by none other than Rimmer himself - Chris Barrie.

Now to REALLY date this, it was on tape. If memory serves correctly, 8 cassettes in all. I must have listened to this... seriously no idea. I no longer have the tapes, these perished a long time ago from over use.

BUT, I still remember the story and laughing my butt off along with Barrie as he voiced not only Rimmer, but Lister, Kryten, Cat, and Holly almost perfectly. I've recently looked up what other books he has read and was astounded to find a total of 3.

With an excellent comedic timing and an obvious talent for voices, I'd have thought audiobook narration would have been something he'd have people lining up to hire him for. Oh well, it makes his reading of this all the more special.

The book itself follows along, mimicking and expanding upon the early story arcs of the TV series. As I mentioned, I listened to this countless times, and read the paperbacks just as much so this should give you an indication on how much I enjoyed this.

When the authors - Rob Grant and Doug Naylor - work together their comedy is almost untouchable. Coupled with a fantastic reading by Chris Barrie, it's comedy gold.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf #1

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