Security chief for a private airport sounded like the perfect job for Ross Coe. Washed-out fighter pilot at 24, retired military cop at 30, and private investigator at 40, he has a chance to begin again on the home airfield he left 20 years before. His antique airplane is without wings, his family home is torched by persons unknown, and he is forced to live in a barn converted to an airplane hangar with two cats without names.

At the Wilson Airpark, crimes begin on the ground and take off into the wild blue Alberta sky. Ross’ task is to put together a security team that can protect the lives, homes, and property of the wealthy members of the exclusive airpark. He has three months to prove himself and find out who fired shots during a runway incursion months before. But the job takes a murderous turn even before it begins. Then, the woman who rejected him in another life shows up. Things start to get complicated.

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