Book 3 of Richard



Richard: The Dragon’s Curse

Everything is looking up for 15-year-old Richard Plantagenet. After defeating his chief political rival, Senator Spartacus, Richard’s rulership of the Milky Way kingdom seems assured. He’s also more adept at using his powers, like teleportation, shielding himself from harm, and conjuring things out of thin air—though this latter ability is still mostly used to make cheeseburgers.

More important to him than all those things is the foxlike Amber, the love of his life and soon-to-be mother of their two children. Unfortunately, her pregnancy has brought out her feral side. Her instincts are driving her to protect her cubs at any cost, even to the point of digging her fangs into Richard’s neck when he accidentally surprises her.

But Amber is the least of his problems, for in the darkness of another dimension looms the greatest threat of all: the great dragon. This massive and ancient evil will soon have a chance to escape its prison, and its only aim is to destroy the kingdom once and for all.

The Dragon’s Curse is the thrilling third volume in the Richard series, an epic saga of love, intrigue, and cosmic adventure.

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Richard: The Dragon's Curse



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