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Richard: An Unlikely Love Story

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Richard Drumm might still look like a normal fifteen-year-old kid from Ohio, but over the last few months, he’s become much, much more. The heir apparent of a galaxy-spanning kingdom, he’s survived assassination attacks, been evolved by the energies of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and been given powers far beyond the abilities of other humans.

But challenges lie ahead. For one thing, he can’t always control his powers, a development that is embarrassing at best and downright dangerous at worst—such as when he teleports places without knowing when or where it will happen. He’s also still the target of the devious Senator Spartacus, who will stop at nothing to prevent Richard from taking the throne. And his confrontation with the great nemesis looms on the horizon.

Fortunately for Richard, his allies will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, including the foxlike Amber, the love of his life, his double, Henry, and the enigmatic synthetic lifeform AAL. Richard will soon find, however, that their efforts will cause him more trouble than he thought possible—both in his new home of Krel and back home on Earth.

An Unlikely Love Story is the explosive second volume in the Richard series, a cosmic coming-of-age story that spans the galaxy.

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