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Dark and Bawdy Romantic Comedy
Bound to End Badly, written by R. L. Tiochta, is a superb example of dark romantic comedy. Set in Derby (UK), and follows Peter and Maze as they stumble through the dating scene and ever so slowly towards each other. Tiochta gives us alternating glimpses into the lives of Peter and Maze, where something isn't quite right... and not just because there's a serial killer on the loose. For a story… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 26th of November, 2021

Sherlock in America
One Must Tell the Bees, by J. Lawrence Matthews, tells the story of a very young Sherlock Holmes before he was Sherlock. His brother Mycroft uses his influence to get young Holmes into a job in America. What follows is an exceptionally well-told tale weaved together with a history lesson around the end of the American civil war, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the capture of John Wilkes Booth. The… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 24th of November, 2021

Robot Farts
This far into the Hard Luck Hank series, it's hard to review without feeling like I'm repeating myself. As always, time has moved on, and Belvaille has changed once again. The nobles are (mostly) gone, and the remaining inhabitants are scratching out a living in any way they can. Life in the Post Colmarian Confederation Colmarian Confederation (yes, that's the title of confederation now) is hard. New laws are being… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 19th of November, 2021

It's Glocken Time!
Continuing my journey of the Hard Luck Hank series in audiobook, next up was Stank Delicious. Each book in the series reinvents the world of Hank just a little. In this case, everything has moved on a few years since the events of the previous books. Nobles are bedded in even deeper into Belvaille, and Hank is scratching out a living once more as a go-between. Cliston, Hank's Dredel Led butler,… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 14th of November, 2021

A Humorous Romp
With a style reminiscent of classic cinematic British romps, Let the Swine Go Forth by Auriel Roe ably carries on that tradition. A story of a rather hapless headmaster in a (very) foreign land, leading a group of teachers that embody the seven deadly sins. Starting a new international school in a country run by a ruthless dictator... things were never going to be easy. Tristram Randolph takes the role of… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 9th of November, 2021

A Chimney Sweep, Her Golem, and a House of 100 Chimneys
I picked up Sweep - The Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier for a couple of reasons. One, the story sounded REALLY good, and two, I was looking for something that might appeal to my kids. The story of a chimney sweep and her golem set in London in the 1800s sounded too good to pass by, so I grabbed it and plugged in my earbuds. The… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 8th of November, 2021

A Menagerie of Monsters and Mayhem
Monster is the second book by A. Lee Martinez I've purchased in a few months, and I suspect I'll have more in my collection before long. In the mood for something monstery, I jumped into this Scooby-Doo style adventure where magic and monsters are real. Just most people don't tend to notice them. Judy is working the late shift at an out-of-the-way convenience store when a yeti appears in the freezer… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 5th of November, 2021

It's the End of the World... Again!
The Prince Has No Pants, written by Matthew Howry, has been sitting in my list of audiobooks to buy eventually for a while now, and when it came up in the 2-for-1 sale on Audible, I grabbed it plus a bunch of others I'd been mulling over. The premise is right smack in the types of books I've been enjoying recently, and after listening to it, I'm hoping to hear… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 1st of November, 2021

Fast-Paced Mayhem with the Night Shift
Much like the first books in the series, book 3 of the 24/7 Demon Mart, Angel Trouble by D.M. Guay, hardly pauses for a breath as Lloyd, DeeDee, and Kevin careen from one insane catastrophe to another. Massive props to the narrator too, who had to pronounce Zackumzaphielhermesiappotholonian multiple times. At least Guay cut him some slack and let the fallen Angel of Death (well, one of them) have a… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 30th of October, 2021

Hank Hangs on While the Station Gets Seriously Exclusive
After finishing book 3, it was straight onto book 4 of the Hard Luck Hank series - Suck My Cosmos. Belvaille has moved on yet again and is now moving towards an aristocracy. Hank only manages to still live there because he's the oldest living continuous citizen and the toffs seem to enjoy that. Assisted by the universes most sought-after butler, a Dredel Led (robot) named Cliston, Hank finds his… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 25th of October, 2021

Hank's Sheer Mass the Only Thing Holding Belvaille Together
I thought it about time I get back to the stack of Hard Luck Hank audiobooks I bought in one go and book three Hard Luck Hank: Prince of Suck by Steven Campbell is where I'm up to. I always find it easy to come back to ol' Hank and slip back into the universe as if I'd never left. Since the last book, a good three-quarters of a century has… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 23rd of October, 2021

An Online Prison of the Future
In Imprisoned Online (Gaming the System), written by P.A. Wikoff, the future of humankind looks rather bleak. In Wikoff's future, humans have nerfed the planet to the point where it's not safe to go outside without a breathing unit and a permit. They stay indoors, playing the next big computer game that comes along. A society that's a little reminiscent of Idiocracy, but sort of a cross where intelligent… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 20th of October, 2021

Fake It Till You Make It
How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps, is a short, fun litRPG written by Andrew Rowe that uses one of my favourite plot devices at the moment - that is unconventional methods of level and skills progression. Forget fighters, wizards, bards, or barbarians. Instead, we get a "Bag Mage", basically a class for merchants and couriers to carry stuff. Our hero, Yui Shaw, doesn't want to wait around… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 10th of October, 2021

Easy to Enjoy Humorous Fantasy
Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems, by L. G. Estrella, is the "publisher's pack" of the first two books in the Unconventional Heroes series. I feel it is aimed at a younger audience than the bracket I fall into, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it! These were a fun, easy to listen to pair of humorous fantasy books that follow the adventures of Grand Necromance Timothy… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 5th of October, 2021

Slow to Start, but Gets Good Quick
I picked up both books in the Tower of Babel series during a recent Audible sale on a bit of a whim. I was trawling through Reddit, looking for some recommendations when someone mentioned SpeedRunner, written by Adam Elliott. Without doing much more research than finding it, ten bucks later and both were in my library. Honestly, at first blush, I thought perhaps I'd made a mistake. The book started off… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 28th of September, 2021

Mythological Mash-up Mystery
Wyrd Gods, written by Susana Imaginario, contains more gods and minor deities than you can poke a stick at, and early on I realised I had to pay close attention or else I'd get lost. There's a lot going on, with Greek gods scheming against Norse gods, and vice-versa, with our heroine, Illena caught in the middle. Most of the story of Wyrd Gods (pronounced "weird" if you're wondering... means "fated')… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 26th of September, 2021

A Delightful Conclusion to a Great Trilogy
Between the Layers, written by Danielle Palli, is the third book of the Data Collectors trilogy in a series that took me by surprise in the first book and sucked me right into the world created by Palli. These books blend magic and sci-fi while still being very down to earth and are filled with such an interesting and unique cast of characters. In book three, Lucene and her pals deal… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 24th of September, 2021

Welcome to the Fifth Floor of the Dungeon
The Dungeon Crawler Carl books continue to keep me entertained, even after multiple re-listens. Book four - The Gate of the Feral Gods - is no different. The author Matt Dinniman continues to amaze me with how much sheer plot he can weave into a story while delivering unique situations on each level of the dungeon. Dinniman sprinkles in the clues throughout the story, with sometimes seemingly non-meaningful items having a… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 20th of September, 2021

Much Slower Than the First Two
Being a fan of the first two books in the Cinnamon Bun series by RavensDagger, I jumped at the chance of pre-ordering book three when it appeared on Audible. Still enjoyable but seemingly much slower than the first two while still being within the same ballpark for length. The story keeps going from where book two left off, with Broccoli, Amaryllis, and Awen heading to the Nesting Kingdom, home of Amaryllis,… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 19th of September, 2021

Fun, If a Little Predictable, Sci-fi Heist
I picked up Grand Theft Astro, written by Scott Meyer, for nothing as part of my Audible Plus subscription, and while the story was mostly enjoyable, I'm on the fence as to if I'd have enjoyed it knowing I'd spent a credit on it. The story follows the... allegedly... greatest thief of all time, Baird. Allegedly because that's all the cops have on her as she's quick to remind everyone. Infected… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 13th of September, 2021

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