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A Return to the Chaos that is Boxxy T. Morningwood
Following book seven (which still feels like a filler book despite me having returned to a couple of times for a relisten), this latest addition is a true return to form. As always, it features Boxxy T. Morningwood, murder hobo and hero of the God of Chaos - with its large-chested psychotic demons - and packs a ton of story into its 16 hours and 30 minutes runtime. It wraps… Read More

The Roach Unshelled
Audible recommended this one to me on the back of another recent superhero purchase, and it's scary sometimes how well it knows me. Not a superhero, but more of a dark vigilante. Superheros only exist in comic books and on the screen. On the mean streets of Iron City in the 80s, crime and drugs take a toll on the citizens unfortunate enough to live there. But like every crime-ridden… Read More

Enjoyable as the First
Maud, the reluctant lich, returns in the follow-up that just as every bit as good as the first. Like the first, Maud wants to be left alone to enjoy her existence as an undead creature. She wants to knit, craft, grow flowers, tend bees, and make potions. But of course, the do-goody paladins want none of that. Nor, it seems, does another lich who takes the job a lot more… Read More

The Bobiverse Keeps Expanding
I've been itching to get back to the Bobiverse since the first book, so with a few credits in my pockets, I dropped one on the second book and got stuck in. Continuing on from the first instalment, the Bob clones are still exploring the galaxy, trying to move the surviving humans off the earth, and trying to work out if there's a big bad out there strip-mining solar systems… Read More

Adapted from the Graphic Novel
Perusing the sale items on Audible, I stumbled upon this going for the bargain price of two bucks. How could I not? I suppose a bit of history is in order. I've never owned much in the way of comics beyond Mad Magazines, and that was back when I was much younger. I did watch a lot of cartoons growing up, and X-Men was one of my favourites. Wolverine in… Read More

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