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Like a Warm Hug From a Loved One
Breach of Contract, written by Danielle Palli, is book 2 in The Data Collectors series, and I enjoyed the story about as much as I did in the first book. Most of the characters you'll meet in this story feel warm and genuine, and meeting them again was like meeting a bunch of old friends. Much of the story involves the political wranglings of varied species trying to take over the… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 15th of April, 2021

Gritty Mystery on the Streets of LA
The Seven O'Clock Man, written by Justin DiPego, is a raw, gritty, hard-boiled mystery set on LA's streets. A killer known only as the Seven O'Clock Man is beating to death the homeless living on Skid Row. The Seven O'Clock Man, the bogeyman of the homeless. A figure invented to explain the occasional murders that nobody outside of the tramps themselves really cared about... but now suddenly real as the mysterious… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 8th of April, 2021

No Lie - This Kept Me Guessing
Sleeping Dogs Lie, written by Samantha Downing, is a short mystery/thriller where a lovable dog-walker named Shelby is suddenly thrust into the middle of a criminal investigation when she discovers the dog's owner murdered in his own bathroom. Downing delivered a masterclass in short-story telling, with not a word wasted as the mystery unfolded. Shelby is a character you just have to sympathise with. She has a particular zest for life… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 7th of April, 2021

A Well-crafted Adventure of Mecha and Magic
Dark & Day 1, written by Jacob Israel Grey is an engaging story marrying a number of genres together to make a story I had a hard time pushing pause on when life said I had to do other things. It's written at a level similar to the early Harry Potter novels (more on this later), where even though it could easily be enjoyed by children, adults will find a… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 3rd of April, 2021

Good Story - Whiffed the Ending
The (Sort of) Dark Mage, book 1 of the Waldo Rabbit series by Nelson Chereta had me, right up until the ending, which it completely whiffed. Not a "Game of Thrones season 8" level whiff, but enough of one to have me seriously considering if I should bother continuing with the series at all. First off, the book just ends. No big build-up with a massive payoff, no stakes being raised,… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 28th of March, 2021

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