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Gods Behaving Badly
Keymaker's Daughter, written by Anya Stassiy, is an interesting urban fantasy with the gods of ancient Greece as the theme. A tad slow to start off but stick with it and you'll be rewarded with a story with heroes and heroines to root for as they try to save the world. Aurora, daughter of a famous lock maker, is drawn into the scheming of the gods when her father mysteriously vanishes… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 24th of July, 2021

Another Fun Holmes and Watson Adventure
The Case of the Haunted Haunted House, written by Drew Hayes, is the second book in the 5-Minute Sherlock series featuring Sherman Holmes and Joel Watson. This book was a lot more "mystery" orientated than the first. Fair enough, the first book set the world and its characters in play, an origin story of sorts. This book, though, got into the typical Doyle style of a mystery to solve. And… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 18th of July, 2021

A Delightful Fantasy Fairytale
Evertrue, written by Jill London, is a feel-good fairytale adventure. Now, I'll admit to having help reviewing this one. I enlisted my youngest daughter to listen along with me. I knew without even asking that she enjoyed it. Giggling away as the story unfolded, she was hooked on it. Even though it's short at a little over an hour and a half, we had to listen over a number of sittings.… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 13th of July, 2021

BYO Tin Foil Hat
The Urban Legion, written by Dave Agans, pulls together about every urban legend you've ever heard of (and some you probably haven't) into a conspiracy-nuts ultimate fantasy. In this book, Agans world is one where all those legends have a basis in truth, but cartels (such as the truffle cartel) are working to keep it all suppressed. This wasn't a bad story, but it did seem to wander around a lot… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 9th of July, 2021

Plus 1 Adorable
Stuff and Nonsense (Threadbare #1), written by Andrew Seiple, is a tale of a little toy golem trying to be the best teddy bear friend to his little girl that he can be. This entirely charming innocent teddy bear golem starts life with underdeveloped int stats but better than average wisdom. He learns quick and his stats climb up unnoticed by his creator or most anyone around him. He befriends… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 5th of July, 2021

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