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Fake It Till You Make It
How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps, is a short, fun litRPG written by Andrew Rowe that uses one of my favourite plot devices at the moment - that is unconventional methods of level and skills progression. Forget fighters, wizards, bards, or barbarians. Instead, we get a "Bag Mage", basically a class for merchants and couriers to carry stuff. Our hero, Yui Shaw, doesn't want to wait around… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 10th of October, 2021

Easy to Enjoy Humorous Fantasy
Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems, by L. G. Estrella, is the "publisher's pack" of the first two books in the Unconventional Heroes series. I feel it is aimed at a younger audience than the bracket I fall into, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it! These were a fun, easy to listen to pair of humorous fantasy books that follow the adventures of Grand Necromance Timothy… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 5th of October, 2021

Slow to Start, but Gets Good Quick
I picked up both books in the Tower of Babel series during a recent Audible sale on a bit of a whim. I was trawling through Reddit, looking for some recommendations when someone mentioned SpeedRunner, written by Adam Elliott. Without doing much more research than finding it, ten bucks later and both were in my library. Honestly, at first blush, I thought perhaps I'd made a mistake. The book started off… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 28th of September, 2021

Mythological Mash-up Mystery
Wyrd Gods, written by Susana Imaginario, contains more gods and minor deities than you can poke a stick at, and early on I realised I had to pay close attention or else I'd get lost. There's a lot going on, with Greek gods scheming against Norse gods, and vice-versa, with our heroine, Illena caught in the middle. Most of the story of Wyrd Gods (pronounced "weird" if you're wondering... means "fated')… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 26th of September, 2021

A Delightful Conclusion to a Great Trilogy
Between the Layers, written by Danielle Palli, is the third book of the Data Collectors trilogy in a series that took me by surprise in the first book and sucked me right into the world created by Palli. These books blend magic and sci-fi while still being very down to earth and are filled with such an interesting and unique cast of characters. In book three, Lucene and her pals deal… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 24th of September, 2021

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