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Classic Firefly Adventure
Life Signs (Firefly Book 5) by James Lovegrove keeps alive the 'verse and the crew of Serenity, that old workhorse of a Firefly-class spaceship. This story fits in well with the feel of the overall series, kind of pleasant yet gritty, an absurd mission that can't possibly succeed but with wins pulled off by Mal and the crew in unexpected ways. Inara is dying. An incurable form of aggressive cancer has… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 20th of January, 2022

Great Story, but...
He Who Fights with Monsters 3, written by Travis Deverell, is a great addition to the HWFwM series, with boatloads of monster-fighting and loads of story arc payoff. But here's where the "but" comes in. The characters have ranked up a lot, and the magic system that gets explained... over and over gets tedious. While in book form, I'd skip over these parts, but it's a bit harder in audio.… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 14th of January, 2022

Not for the Easily Offended
Not for the easily offended, but Fizzlesprocket (Everybody Loves Large Chests book 2) by Neven Iliev certainly is a cracking tale of a murder hobo mimic and their psychopathic demonic familiars. Seriously, there is a lot of horrifically awful stuff going on in this one, but if you made it through book one, then this probably won't faze you. Neven kicks it up a few notches in this one, though, with… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 6th of January, 2022

A Decent Village-Builder LitRPG
I found The Mayor of Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel started rather slowly but built up the pace as it went along. Well, if you can ignore the frequent character sheet readouts, which, quite honestly, had me skipping ahead by about the third time. The main issue is that the character can multi-class into everything, so his sheet is absurdly long by the end. Don't let that put you off, though. As… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 3rd of January, 2022

A World I'd Visit in a Heartbeat
The world built by Becky Chambers in A Psalm for the Wild-Built is one I'd visit in a heartbeat. This is probably best described as a Cozy Sci-Fi, where not a lot happens except lots of conversation that made me yearn for a place I can never visit. Set on a colonised moon some years after robots became self-aware and walked away from people. The world moved on without them, moving… Read More
Reviewed by: Morgan Hobbes
Reviewed on: 28th of December, 2021

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