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An Excellent Science Fiction Adventure
This was one of those books that popped up in the also-listened section of Audible, and I am so very glad it did. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, following Paper trying to fulfil her lifelong quest of getting to the red planet. Only, there hasn't been any successful attempt to get off-world and land on Mars, even though there's been a few attempts. Plus, Paper lives in… Read More

Lich Haberdashery and Siege Engines
This book was a lot of fun. Maud, the village witch, becomes a lich by complete accident... but that's not going to stop her from living her life with her cat, Jenkins, and stopping to admire the bees in her garden. Sure, she may need to resurrect them from the dead, but what is a happy-go-lucky lich supposed to do? First off, this isn't a horrific tale of a lich murdering… Read More

Wholesome and Horrible at the Same Time
The best way for me to describe Wrath is "wholesome and horrible at the same time" - and by "horrible", I don't mean the story. I mean the horrible time the poor dungeon delvers have when they brave the depths of Tira's dinosaur dungeon! Fiendishly clever traps to reap the experience points from greedy humans, dangerous dinosaurs from a time long forgotten... yet endearingly wholesome at the same time. So… Read More

Surprisingly Engaging Fantasy Adventure
I often don't get as far as buying books narrated by the author as they frequently let me down. I was a little unsure to start with Christopher Buehlman narrating his own work, The Blacktongue Thief, in a heavy Irish accent. All up, I think I listened to the preview three times before taking the plunge. It still took me a while to settle in with the accent, and I… Read More

Underpowered In Name Only
Underpowered Howard, written by John L. Monk, is a fun, engaging story inside a virtual world. Set in a game called Heroes of Mythian, a game world where retirees exchange their physical bodies for an eternity of adventure (to quote the blurb), our hero, Howard, discovers an awful truth about the game. The game promises a second chance at life if you can win, but therein lies the problem. Bad… Read More

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