Book 1 of Reign of Extinction



Reign of Extinction

A destroyed girl.

A disgraced soldier.

A disfigured outcast.

A death-dealing healer.

A dying prophet.

A devastated civilization.

Fifteen-year-old Rose has always had worse things to worry about than the foretold end of the world. Ever since her father abandoned them, she has struggled to provide for her poor family and shield her younger siblings from their mother’s drunken rages. But when Doomsday begins on a beautiful morning, Rose finally loses everybody she loves.

After the grief-stricken girl is reluctantly taken in by an obsessed band of outlaws who believe their shared dreams contain supernatural clues that may help them save what remains of civilization, the outlaws learn they are being hunted by a horde of monstrous assassins that are hellbent on stopping them from deciphering the strange dreams, and Rose realizes there is almost nothing her saviors won’t do (and no one they won’t sacrifice) to ensure the success of their otherworldly mission.

Over time, the outlaws become Rose’s flawed new family, one that offers her an opportunity to heal—and a hard choice. Should she dare to care about others again and fight to save humanity from extinction at all costs, or should she embrace her pain and stoke the flames that are reducing everyone in the wicked world to ashes?

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Reign of Extinction



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