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The Messengers

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The Messengers

Enjoyable and Heartfelt

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThe Messengers, an original sci-fi drama by Lindsay Joelle might be short on run time but it's big on experience. Told from two different times, we're introduced to a galaxy where there is much distrust among the different races.

It's billed as a dark comedy, but I'm not sure I'd agree with that. Yes, one of the characters seems a bit too dense to have lived as long as he has, but there's a real warmth of familial love and people just trying to get by.

The narration was solid as I've come to expect from Audible's own studios, so no surprises there. It was paced well, not rushed or too slow, just right for the story length. It left me feeling like there was a much bigger story that could be built around the universe created by Joelle, but sometimes when you leave them wanting more then you know you've hit the mark just right.


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