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Cut and Run

A Light-Hearted Dark Comedy

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Cut and Run

Star-studded Fun and Kidney Theft

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewSince the introduction of Audible Plus, I've been waiting for this one to get added to the list so I could listen to it. I've got a long list of things I want to spend my credits on, and while this could have been one of them, I was prepared to wait to see if it would.

Kinda cranky at myself for waiting! This full-cast comedy was a lot of fun, plenty of laughs and a bunch of quick wit and banter. Meg Ryan is the narrator but equally shares the voice time with co-stars D’Arcy Carden, Sam Richardson, Rachel Bloom, Thomas Lennon, Ed Begley Jr, Eugene Cordero.... and so on and so on.

Ed Begley Jr's character I thought was a particular standout. A bored crime kingpin mostly in the game for the lulz and distractions that being a crimelord can provide.

The story follows the misadventure of Sam and Abe, a pair of organ thieves as their latest harvesting goes sideways. Sam, falls for the victim. Abe, needs to come clean to his long-time girlfriend. Mexico's most-wanted crime boss gets involved... and things spiral out of control for the unlucky.

The casting was spot-on in my opinion. I enjoyed every minute of this, and it was only the fact I had to go to work was the only reason I couldn't smash through this in one sitting. Will definitely be listening to it again!


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