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Thicker than Water

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Thicker than Water

Compelling Listening as Told By The Whistle-blower Himself

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI'd not heard of Theranos nor the scandal that surrounded it before seeing this first-hand account pop up in my monthly free Audible Original offerings. I skimmed past it at first, not thinking much of it, but curiosity got the better of me and I went back and grabbed a copy.

Tyler Shultz blew the whistle on a very dodgy company, and like most whistle-blowers (it seems) these days he copped the short end of the stick for doing so. Like something out a movie, the company brought along their army of high-priced lawyers to shut him up and discredit him.

Shultz though wasn't one to be pushed around so easily. Growing up around figures like Kissinger, Gorbachev, Rice, Bush... to name drop a few (which, he does quite readily)... I figure would give anyone the chutzpah to stand up to this next-level corporate bullying.

I've always disliked the word "whistle-blower" as it seems like such a negative way to describe heroes like Shultz. People who are prepared to stand up and call out bullshit and criminal behaviour where they see it. I wish we had a better term for it.

Stories like this should inspire others, should the need ever arise, to find the moral fortitude and sheer tyranny of will required to hold people like Elizabeth Holmes publicly accountable.

Audio quality was top-notch, of course. Produced by Audible's own label "Audible Originals LLC" you'd expect nothing less.


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