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Audiobook Proofing Service

What is Audiobook Proofing?

Quite simply, it's elevating the quality of your audiobook from good to great. Even the most seasoned professional narrators will have errors slip through, and that's why it's vital to have another set of ears listen to the book before you release it into the market.

Audiobook proof listeners come in when the book is fully edited and ready for its final check for mistakes. With so much competition out there, you can't afford the consequences of not making sure your audiobook is as polished as it can be before releasing it to the world.

Proof listeners pay close attention to not just the story but also the quality of the recording. We listen for repeated words, mispronunciations, odd pacing, weird silences, background noises… and anything else that pulls us out of the moment.

Releasing your book with errors can mean anything from a listener leaving a bad review to them returning it for a refund. These things can cost you lost sales, now and in the future. Getting it right before you publish is as easy as getting an audiobook proofer involved.

What You Get

You get quality proofing of your audiobook and a detailed list of notes that explain any issues found. All proofing is done at 1x speed so as not to rush and miss anything. I also take notes about the book itself so I can post a review of it as soon as the audiobook is published.

I offer two levels of proofing service: Standard and Word Perfect.

Standard Proofing

This is the package most publishers opt for. I read along with the text, and I listen for and make a note of anything that doesn't sound right, such as:

  • Repeated words,
  • Pronunciation and enunciation,
  • Pacing and pauses,
  • Background noise

While not as in-depth as the Word Perfect Proofing package, I also read along with the text of your book and will make a note of anything that changes the meaning away from what you wrote. Changes that don't change the meaning (such as saying "don't" instead of "do not") are disregarded.

Word Perfect Proofing

This package contains everything in the standard package, plus notes on every deviation away from the text. This is less common but is the option for those who need the narration to follow along exactly as written.

Ready For Proofing?

Get started by emailing [email protected] with your book details. Rates for both packages are flat per finished hour, meaning you only pay for how long your audiobook is and not how long it takes me to listen to it and make any notes.

I need a PDF copy of the manuscript the voice actor is reading to, and each chapter as an individual MP3 file uploaded to an online dropbox. Once proofing is finished and delivered, I delete these for your peace of mind.

Standard Proofing
  • US$15 per finished hour of the audiobook
  • US$5 prorated at 20-minute increments ($5 / 20 minutes)

For example, an audiobook with a duration of 8 hours and 10 minutes would cost $125 (8 x $15 + 1 x $5).

Word Perfect Proofing
  • US$30 per finished hour of the audiobook
  • US$10 prorated at 20-minute increments ($10 / 20 minutes)

For example, an audiobook with a duration of 8 hours and 10 minutes would cost $250 (8 x $30 + 1 x $10).


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