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My Dear Bessie

A Love Story in Letters

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My Dear Bessie

Old-timey Romance - Chris Shows How Its Done

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewOkay, so this was a fun and short diversion. An audio drama of letters written between Chris Barker and Bessie Moore during the Second World War. Produced by the BBC as part of a regular series, the letters were read by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Louise Brealey (Molly from Sherlock) - so if you ever watched the show and wondered what it'd be like if they made googly eyes at each other and professed their love... it might be something like this.

This was so well done (well, it was the BBC) and you can't help but be swept up in the love of these two. Letter writing, a dying art form, and the masterful application of it by Chris to woo (somewhat accidentally apparently) the lovely Bessie whom he once met during training.

Short, sweet, and a fantastic glimpse into the secret, personal lives of two ordinary people sharing an extraordinary love for each other. Superb :)

My Dear Bessie

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