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Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Sleeping Dogs Lie

No Lie - This Kept Me Guessing

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewSleeping Dogs Lie, written by Samantha Downing, is a short mystery/thriller where a lovable dog-walker named Shelby is suddenly thrust into the middle of a criminal investigation when she discovers the dog's owner murdered in his own bathroom.

Downing delivered a masterclass in short-story telling, with not a word wasted as the mystery unfolded. Shelby is a character you just have to sympathise with. She has a particular zest for life and a love for dogs, second to none.

As the plot unfolds, more of the apparently lux world of the victim falls apart. With so many people wanting him dead, the detectives of this normally sleepy town feel out of their depth.

Both Lindsey Dorcus and Melanie Nicholls-King did a great job bringing this to life. Characterisations were spot on - no quality issues as expected being produced by Audible directly.

A short review, but it's a short story with plenty of twists that I can't get into without spoiling it!

Sleeping Dogs Lie

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