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Books by Narrator - Brad Holbrook

Brad Holbrook

Brad Holbrook

An Emmy Award winning TV journalist, program host, actor and entrepreneur, Holbrook has been wandering through America’s television landscape for more than 30 years, most of that time as the main anchor at five terribly important TV stations, including ones in Boston and New York City, not to mention Tulsa, Reno and Decatur.

Since 2009 Holbrook has played Jim Haggerty on The Onion News Network’s web and TV episodes of “Today NOW!” (a parody morning show). For the role, Holbrook draws on his deep understanding of how ridiculous TV news often is. While we don’t know what the actor Ben Stiller thinks of Holbrook as a legit TV anchorman, Stiller did tweet that Holbrook was “the funniest fake news anchor I have ever seen!”

Books Narrated by Brad Holbrook


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