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Everybody Loves Large Chests #7

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Review by: The Audiobook ReviewEverybody's favourite murder hobo, former treasure chest-shaped mimic, and hero of the God of Chaos, Boxxy T. Morningwood, returns in a bit of a lacklustre outing for the series. While fun and filled with the humour I've come to expect, this one felt like a "filler" book rather than something that could stand on its own. Perhaps, even like half a story? I think knowing that Fizzy, the mythril golem, is out there doing her thing after the events of book six but not getting to know any of it is what made this feel less than whole.

That, and a huge portion of this book, was Boxxy and his gang of demon familiars cruising through a dungeon. While yes, we've spent a lot of a book in a dungeon before (ie book one), the other books had diverged from this.

The narration of the Everybody Loves Large Chests world is expanding to additional cast members beyond Jeff Hayes. Jeff had always done a bang-up job by himself, but the additional people give it a little extra depth. Annie Ellicott returns along with some other voices of the Soundbooth Theatre team to add variety to the mix.

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Certainly not a series for everyone, given a lot of the... questionable... things that occur throughout. But this book isn't a hero saving the world. It's squarely a series following a psychotic dungeon-born monster getting as much treasure as he can, regardless of who it has to kill, eat, maim, or harm in the process.


Everybody Loves Large Chests #7

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