Minor Tweak to Code Claim Process

Minor Tweak to Code Claim Process

By: The Audiobook Review | 11th of March, 2023

Short and sweet site update - I've made a few changes to the process needed to claim a promo code for an audiobook. It's now a two-step process where after choosing the audiobook and the region you need (US or UK), you will need to enter your email address to receive a link to a reserved code. The link will stay active for 24 hours, after which time if you have not clicked the link to get the code, it is marked as "unclaimed" and is made available to other users.

Why the Change?

I had an author reach out recently who mentioned that while some of their codes had been marked as claimed, none had actually been redeemed on Audible. This is something that I want to avoid! I want codes to go to those who will redeem the code and download the audiobook.

By making this a two-step process, my hope is that it reduces the number of unredeemed codes from change-of-mind clicks. 

How to Claim

It's still super easy! Next time you see a book on our Free Codes page that sparks your interest:

  • Click the US or UK button - whichever matches your Audible account
  • Enter your Email Address and click the "Send the Link!" button
  • Click the link in the email you receive to get your code.

Easy as! If you have a change of mind, don't worry! The link will expire in 24 hours and the code we reserved for you will become available again.

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