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Everybody Loves Large Chests #3

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Mimic Madness

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewBoxxy T. Morningwood, the simple mimic that just wants shiny things, tasty things, and to kill every living on the planet, outdoes itself in this one. There's a lot to like about this series, yet at the same time, there are some really difficult parts that almost had me switching off. The insane amount of gore and violence I can take, the ridiculous way a harem has been established around an asexual monster I can live with... but (no spoilers) there was a particularly horrific encounter with a character that let's just say had me wondering if I'd continue.

But, I did finish it, and I will continue with the series. While there were some incredibly dark moments, the rest of the story is solid fun. Getting to really root for the bad guy is fun. A monster with no compassion, no morals; just to kill and grow stronger is its objective.

Narration, once again, by Jeff Hays with top-notch. He is by far my favourite narrator, having lent his talent to many books I've enjoyed. No quality issues, as expected.

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Look, this book can be uncomfortable at times, triggering perhaps for some. I don't think you get this far into the series though without expecting the stakes to keep getting lifted. Some fun nods to Bender (Futurama) were a nice touch, too.


Everybody Loves Large Chests #3

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