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Mind the Gap in Zip-It Socks

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Mind the Gap in Zip-It Socks

Maybe You Had to Be There?

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThe blurb for "Mind the Gap in Zip-It Socks" by Patricia A Steele made it seem like this would be a fun story to listen to... but it fell flat. Like sitting down and listening to your grandma recount her vacation piece by piece. While probably a highlight of their life, this story just has a lot of "guess you had to be there" moments.

The travellers are possibly the most useless travellers on the face of the planet. For the most part, the humour comes from them being unable to work out that other countries do things different than America.

The self-absorbed nature of the pair is phenomenal. Not knowing that cars drive on the other side of the road, not knowing steering the car was on the opposite side. not being able to decipher "UK" spoken english. How self-centred must you be that anything that is not American makes no sense whatsoever?

Heaped on top of this, a bunch of the stories were about trying to find toilets. Seriously? Yes, there had to be at least a half-dozen different times this came up.

The narration was okay for what they had to work with. That said, there were quite a few mispronounced words scattered throughout which I thought should have been picked up during revision of the audio.

All up, it's a story that probably appeals to someone, but that person isn't me.

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I have not let this gift affect nor influence my opinions of this audiobook and have left an honest review.

Mind the Gap in Zip-It Socks

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