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Nautical Noobs

Noobtown #6

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Nautical Noobs

Less Wind in the Sails

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewComing in hot off book five, listening to book six didn't seem to change the pace much at all. Yeah, more plot advancement in this one than the previous, but in the almost seventeen hours runtime, it seemed like there was a lot of filler like last time.

I'm torn, though. I still enjoy the story and the characters. The insane amount of pop culture Rimmel manages to shove in while still keeping the plot on track is astounding. Some of my favourites were a combination "Bill and Ted" and "Wayne and Garth" styled people. Most excellent.

Perhaps not as much nautical noobiness as the title implies. Sure, it starts off that way, but soon enough, we're back at Windfall while Jim keeps saving the day. It's even starting to wink hard at itself with references to "Jimming something up" being a phrase of pulling off some batshit deus ex machina antics.

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Will I keep going? Undoubtedly. The good still outweighs the bouts of tedium by a wide margin. Perhaps some more judicious editing could tighten the whole thing up.

Nautical Noobs

Noobtown #6

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