Journey to Jumbalot

A glowing doorway. A lost friend. Will one loyal pet turn out to be the hero of the hour?

Alby the housecat has no desire for adventure. Rescued by the kindly Professor Wizoom, he’s grateful to be safe and lazy. But when his master vanishes through a magical door, the scaredy-cat summons what little courage he has and races in after him.

Stuck in a strange land of mixed-together animals, Alby teams up with an irritating froguar to locate his missing owner. But when he’s mistaken for a spy, the lonely feline finds himself caught in a war between wolvaraptor pirates and noble tigeroon knights!

Can the timid feline conquer his worries in time to save the day?

Journey to Jumbalot is an action-packed fantasy audiobook based on an award-winning novel. If you like talking animals, daring deeds, and enchanted worlds, then you’ll love Ryan Wakefield’s imaginative quest into a strange new world.

Read by the award-winning narrator, Bill Lord, download Journey to Jumbalot today and listen to an adventure unlike any other!

  • 2022 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award: Gold Medal for Children’s Preteen Fantasy
  • 2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition: Gold Award for Published Fantasy
  • Mom’s Choice Awards: Gold Recipient for excellence in Family-friendly Media, Products, and Services
  • Global Book Awards: Silver Medal for Children’s Action and Adventure Category
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Journey to Jumbalot



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