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The Unhappy Medium

A Supernatural Comedy

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The Unhappy Medium

I Hope You Like Exposition

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewDo you like exposition? I hope so because that's what you'll get for the first hour or so of Unhappy Medium by T.J. Brown. If you can survive through that, what you'll find on the other side is a rather fun story. I get why some of it, at least, was necessary, but any editor worth their chops should have sliced out a decent portion of the preamble.

So, after the mountains of expositions, the story settles down into a slow burn that slowly picks up pace as the stakes get higher and the story builds. Some interesting takes on life after death and how some people have it worse than others - not just bad guys, but anyone who made a name for themselves in life.

The narration by Marston York was quite good. I enjoyed his style and pacing. A few minor issues I jotted down while listening, the big issue being the occasionally repeated line that wasn't removed in post-production. Nothing major like huge swathes of text, but the occasional line that had me wondering if I were suffering from deja vu.

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I was expecting something "utterly hilarious", but what I got was something occasionally funny. I don't want to make it sound like I hated it, far from it. I just think it was oversold a little. Will I listen to it again? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe? Probably not for a few years, though.

The Unhappy Medium

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