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Cat's Cradle

Hugely Disappointing

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThere are plenty of people out there who love Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, I however am not among them. This one popped up on a few lists I was trawling through for my next read. Lists like “Funniest books of all time” and “Best books of all time”, and so on… so I admit my hopes were high for this one.

But I found myself fighting not to give up on this so many times. There was just so much waffling I found myself skipping ahead as I pushed further into this novel.

The whole made up religion thing, Bokononism and the various paragraphs devoted to it throughout the novel, I just didn’t find funny at all though it was clear that was their intention. A religion founded on the believe that everything is founded on lies, including Bokononism.

So what sounds like an interesting premise and something that should appeal directly to me failed to do so. This book that was pegged in a “Funniest books of all time” list failed to raise even a smirk.

Disjointed and rambling are two words that first come to mind when thinking how to summarise the book. Maybe had I been around at the end of World War 2 or experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis first hand I might find more humor in this book, but alas for me it just fell flat.

The Narrator, Tony Roberts, had that kind of deep, easy to listen to voice which I found was really the only redeeming quality of this entire experience.

TL;DR Version
Struggled to finish this one, but others seem to enjoy it. Fully expect to get down-voted for this opinion!

Cat's Cradle

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