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How TheAudiobookReview Works

For Readers & Reviewers

We've tried to make our site primarily about reviewing audiobooks, and to encourage this we offer a service to authors and narrators where they can give away their promo codes. This means as someone who enjoys listening to and reviewing audiobooks, you can get free books in exchange for leaving reviews.

To claim a code, you must have left at least two reviews here on The Audiobook Review. You can post reviews on any book listed by our authors at any time, regardless of if they are giving away codes. The two review minimum helps us ensure codes are going to people interested in reviewing books.

Every book listed on our site has a "Review This Book" button on its page. You'll then be taken to a page where you can enter your thoughts and ratings on the different aspects of the book. If the book isn't yet listed on our site, you can enter its details as part of the review. It takes a little longer, but fill in whatever you can as well as your review. Then, when you post your review the book and your review will be added!

Typically you'll only be able to claim one code at a time, and you must post a review before you can claim another. Once your account reaches a certain level (around two stars) you will be able to claim up to two codes at a time.


For Authors & Narrators

If you're an author or narrator you can request a review of your audiobook from us. We place no guarantees on if we will review your book as it may not be something that takes our fancy, however, if it is something we'd enjoy we'll happily give it a listen and post a review. Currently, we only accept Audible US ( promo codes for review requests.

If you have additional promo codes you'd like to give away to our users, then, by all means, send those through as well to help encourage additional reviews of your work. Additional promo codes can be for either Audible US or Audible UK markets.


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