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How To

Hilarious and Totally Useless Advice

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewOkay, so this book was a LOT of fun. Randall Munroe, the mind behind the webcomic "xkcd". In this book, Munroe crunches the hard numbers and comes up with absurd solutions to common problems.

Need to cross a river but have no boat? Try boiling it to steam so you can just walk! Oh, but by the way... here's what will happen if you do THAT.

And so on with a bunch of other seemingly normal situations that quickly devolve into nightmares for physicists are large governments alike.

Narrated by the wonderful Wil Wheaton - seriously, is this guy just the most likeable guy on the planet?? - he kept me listening and laughing all the way through. Wheaton does a great job, nailing inflections and dramatising the reading of admittedly stodgy equations and formulas.

This, I guess would be my only (if minor) criticism. Obviously, it'd be easier to take in a long formula in written format. When read aloud it's harder to follow, but this is just minor.

I mean, it's not like I'm going to follow any of the advice in the book.


Please don't call the feds!

Solid investment for your time and health of your funny bone.

How To

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