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Here you can (hopefully) find the answers to questions you may have. If not, you can reach out here and we'll answer your questions and probably post them here too for future reference.

How do I redeem a code?

To redeem a code you must redeem via the ACX Promo page on Audible. The links for the US and UK stores are:

Promo codes for free downloads of an audiobook are added by the author and/or narrator. We have no control over if they are valid codes or not. If you try to claim a code that Audible reports as invalid there is nothing we can do about that. Feel free to let us know though, and if someone is abusing the system we can take steps to stop them.

You can also try reaching out to the Author / Narrator and find out why the code didn't work. Perhaps they simply mistyped it.

To add your audiobook and give away codes, list your book using our form. Once you have added your books, add your codes and you're done! We'll give it a quick check to make sure everything is okay, and then it'll be available to our users!

Any books I review... I add! It's a privilege of being the site owner! :). When a book is added this way, I make sure to create the book listing as accurately as possible.



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