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Have you released an audiobook and are looking to get reviews? The Audiobook Review is here to help! If you published through ACX you likely now have a bunch of giveaway codes for and, and that's where The Audiobook Review comes in. I created this site to help connect you with audiobook reviewers by giving away your codes on our site to our users!

Often I'll listen to multiple audiobooks in a week, so if you've got something you think I'll like (check out what I've reviewed to get an idea), then be sure to include a code for me too!

Any extra codes will be added to our list of available codes so other reviewers can grab a copy of your book as well. I'll add your book cover, blurb, and Audible/Amazon links ASAP too.

Submission Rules

I don't have many but there are a few I must insist on.

  • No Romance or Erotica - They're not my thing.
  • No Self-Help, Personal Improvement, Religious, or Spirituality books. These need to fit a specific audience, which is likely not me. I do read them from time to time, but I seek them out based on what I'm looking to improve. This is a new rule because of a sudden uptick in how many are being sent my way.
  • No low-effort books that just parrot or "explain" what's happening on social media.
  • Requests for any book in any of the above categories will get ignored.
  • Submitting a book isn't a guarantee of getting a review. We'll get your book out there, but if it doesn't appeal to reviewers we cannot help that.
  • You will get an HONEST review from The Audible Review when I review your book. I do not let free codes affect nor influence my opinions of audiobooks.
  • Include at least 1 download code so I can get your book!
  • Actually, that's it. I might add more if the need arises, but for now, that's it.

How to Submit

Simple! Send your book details via our contact form or by email: [email protected].

Be sure to include a link to your book on as well as at least 1 download code. My account is with so I must insist the code is for, but any additional codes you want to give away can be for both and sites.


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