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Heroically Challenged

Last-Chosen Ones #1

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Heroically Challenged

Forgettable Fantasy - Okay to a Point

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI picked up Heroically Challenged, written by: P.T. McCordic, during Audible's sale while it was down to just under four bucks... and I think I may have overpaid. Yeah, this isn't a bad story, but it's not particularly good, either. I knew, to a point, what I was getting into - a merry band of newbie adventurers going out and making their way in the world... but it seemed a little ham-fisted. Sure, they're new at this... but so ragingly incompetent it starts to beggar belief.

LitRPG in its soul, but not one where humans have found themselves drawn into some game or another, but where people can advance and "ascend" in rank by battling monsters and so forth.

The band of characters come together through circumstance and ineptitude and find themselves willing to battle the "blight" - something terrible happening throughout the land.

The narration by Mikael Naramore was decent, with variety in the voices and delivery of the lines. Nothing to write home about, but well produced and not making me note down anything of note that stood out.

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Being book 1 in a series, I don't think I'll bother continuing on should more audiobooks appear. At the time of writing, this is the only one available.

Heroically Challenged

Last-Chosen Ones #1

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