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Angel Trouble

24/7 Demon Mart #3

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Angel Trouble

Fast-Paced Mayhem with the Night Shift

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewMuch like the first books in the series, book 3 of the 24/7 Demon Mart, Angel Trouble by D.M. Guay, hardly pauses for a breath as Lloyd, DeeDee, and Kevin careen from one insane catastrophe to another. Massive props to the narrator too, who had to pronounce Zackumzaphielhermesiappotholonian multiple times.

At least Guay cut him some slack and let the fallen Angel of Death (well, one of them) have a nickname. Zack is the golden boy of reaping. For over 8,000 years, he's been reaping better than anyone. Until... he's cast out for a mistake.

Landing with the crew of the Demon Mart, Zack is a little tiresome to listen to. He descends into tears almost constantly, dragging down the otherwise excellent story. It's not so much as I hated it; it was just so frequent that it got on my nerves.

Of course, a reaper hanging around mortals isn't going to end well, and people and creatures start dropping dead. But lacking any ability to reap, ghosts start hanging around instead and cause trouble for the night shift.

Filled with the same fast-paced energy as the first, the story rockets from one incident to another as things get worse and worse... primarily for Lloyd because the others are much calmer under pressure.

This also included a bonus story - Critters from the Poo Lagoon. It's team-building time for the night shift, and what better place than a ritzy country club? What could possibly go wrong? A special note to a particular line I had to write down:

"No sentient turd eats the love of my life and gets away with it."

It might have been the time of night or the couple of drinks I had while listening, but that line tickled me no end.

Narration by Todd Haberkorn was again excellent. He's high-energy, ideally suited to the all-out zany shenanigans going on. I made a note of a couple of minor issues where the editing left in a few things that should have been taken out. Only a few of note though, in otherwise excellent reading.

Narration Sample

Lots of low-brow humour and heaps of laughs. If you've not done so yet, grab a slushie from your nearest convenience store and give this series a try.

Angel Trouble

24/7 Demon Mart #3

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