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Heist with Michael Caine

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Heist with Michael Caine

Famous Heists Narrated by a Famous "Criminal"

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThis 6-part Audible original podcast delves deep into some of the most famous heists in history. Caine, no stranger to Heists thanks to his role in the Italian Job and countless others, was the perfect choice for this.

Caine not only recounts how the heists went down but also the other side we tend to forget about. Those poor souls caught up in the plans of the thieves who have their lives forever changed by the circumstances they found themselves in.

It gives one pause to think about while so often we cheer on those who bucked the system and made off with the loot, what impact these seemingly "victimless crimes" had on the corporations that were hit. I'll admit I'd never given the other side much thought, which this podcast certainly changed.

I learned of a few I'd never heard of, the Hollywood-style heist in Stockholm, and one from my own backyard - the $150 million dollar heist by fax.

It's free with your Audible membership, so what have you got to lose? Give it a listen, is my recommendation!

Heist with Michael Caine

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