Dragon’s Egg

Hidden under Erf realms,
Mythical, magikal creatures,
Monstrous, evil tyrants…

The fate of all worlds lies within the delicate shell of the last Dragon’s Egg…

Deep beneath the ground in the Erf’s Core, the Dragon Queen, Sivam Sivad, has just laid her third and final egg. As the unborn prince remains nestled in his shell, Morgrave, the Fire Worm Lord, lays siege to the kingdom in an underhanded attack.

Queen Sivam must bring the egg to the Hatching Grounds, but Morgrave’s evil minions thwart her at every turn. Can she save her last heir?

Upon the Erf’s crust, thirteen-year-old Roger heads into the Great Forest of Lundun to appease his scientific mind. Meanwhile, Mary, a free-spirited girl of the woods, sets off to the River Quaggy at the Great Forest’s edge.

In a stroke of fate, the two strangers unceremoniously collide when bullies gang up on Roger, inadvertently pulling Mary into their quarrel. The forbidden Bad Wood is their only escape – but is it worth the risk?

The pair become unlikely friends as they journey through the unpredictable and treacherous Bad Wood, with encounters from wild goat men to giant menacing owls amongst other mythical beasts, as they plunge ever deeper into the hidden depths of the Erf, ultimately coming face-to-face with a colossal mythical monster…

Can they escape with their lives?
Or is this an encounter with destiny?

Indulge your imagination in Book 1 of S. R. Langley’s epic Dragon’s Erf series.

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Dragon's Egg



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