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Digital Minimalism

On Living Better with Less Technology

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Digital Minimalism

Cutting the Cord and Getting Your Life Back

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewRecently I listened to "Deep Work", also by Cal Newport in an attempt to remove distractions from my life and learn how to "dive deep" when I needed to work on something. This book is almost a companion piece but distinct in its own right.

Cal Newport deftly explains the mechanics behind social media platforms that keep us coming back, keeping us hooked, keeping us for (god forbid) being bored for more than a minute. I knew before getting into this book I spent more time than I wanted on social media sites but didn't really think much more past that.

While listening to this book though, I started taking note of what I was doing. I even followed the suggestions set out, such as removing the temptations from my phone altogether. I still retain Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc accounts but they are no longer on my phone. I still have access to them on my PC, however, then the use of them is a deliberate choice, not mindless clicking to relieve a second of boredom.

As a result, I've discovered just how much more time there is in my day. I've got more time to listen to audiobooks, spend time tweaking my website (this one!), and generally getting on with more important stuff than gifting Zuckerberg another buck by my eyeballs mindlessly locked on the infinite scroll of the news feed.

Professionally narrated by Will Damron with a quality you'd expect from a major publishing house. His voice is engaging and easy to listen to while imparting Newport's words of wisdom.

Highly recommended listening for anyone who wants to regain control of their phone and their free time.

Digital Minimalism

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